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Winifred Hodge

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I love the low light of winter and always enjoy painting in January and February. I get out and sketch as much as possible and usually complete most of my painting in the studio. Earlier this year was no exception. I spent a week by the sea in Galloway painting and sketching and that has informed much of my work. I so enjoyed painting outdoors later last year down the East Lothian coast and making artists concertina sketchbooks which have proved very popular.

Before lockdown in the Spring I managed to get up to the mountains in the north and the Lammermuirs and painted many of the long narrow pieces before we were all completely forbidden to travel. However I made best use of that time too and went out every day by foot or bicycle to try and find a new little corner of the area I live in, in north Edinburgh, near the sea and made a sketching diary. I have had it printed for the family but still have a few copies here. When allowed to travel, I explored more of the east coast, sketched and so enjoyed my time spent there especially at St Abbs in bird nesting season. What joy!

Online images will be posted at the start of the exhibition.