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Linda Kinsman-Blake

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Linda Kinsman-Blake

Linda has been creating art, pottery and tiles in the Scottish Borders since 1979.

Kinsman-Blake Ceramics has always been highly decorated, using a particularly exacting technique, once the brush, loaded with colour, touches the unfired surface, that unique brush stroke has to be completed. No going back, no rubbing out. This use of brushes and colour over many years has naturally led to an interest, one could say passion, with oil painting. In this very different medium, there is the same magic of transforming colours albeit in front of your eyes rather than through the fire of the kiln.

Linda J Kinsman-Blake, BA Hons, North Staffordshire
Moved to the Borders 1979
Established a Pottery with Rankin Kinsman-Blake :-
Tweedbank Pottery, 1979
Lilliesleaf Pottery, 1982
Kinsman Blake Gallery (Smailholm), 1995