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Emma Whigham

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I am an artist based in the Scottish borders. I studied at Edinburgh Collage of Art and the Royal College of Art, London in the late 1990’s

My work primarily explores shape, form and balance – specifically the tension that exists between them. I am interested in a variety of artistic techniques with which to convey my ideas. Much of what I make is borne from a desire to express an abstract aesthetic – to convey a relationship between form and feeling.

I am principally motivated by materials and my training in the crafts and applied arts shapes the way I approach my work – whether this be a pencil drawing to a large scale mixed media installation.

With the collection of collages that you see here at the Flat Cat Gallery, I have used a palette of my own hand-printed papers to construct each one. Every placement of paper in the collages informs and inspires the next. I don’t know what the finished work will look like in advance – I’m not trying to create something I have in my head already – I improvise. I move slowly from one part of the assemblage to the next, carefully creating the collage in a way that ‘feels’ right. I am interested in the tension that exists between these seemingly ‘random’ patterns and the very controlled way in which they are created.