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Alison Diamond

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Artist/Printmaker working in Co. Durham, teaching printmaking for Illustration at Sunderland University. My work explores a range of printmaking techniques such as etching/aquatint, screen printing, relief print and monotype. I love to explore my passion for drawing, perspective, colour and pattern through the diversity of printmaking, enjoying challenges and the surprises each print form can provide along the way.
My work in the main is figurative and recognisably so, relying upon observations of the human condition. In recent work I have used the slide as a metaphor for taking on a challenge and facing fears. Climbing to the top and facing the decision of a plunge into the unknown. Time is also an element I return to regularly and ‘The Waiting room’ is an example of a shared experience with a stranger.
I constantly use my work to resolve certain aspects within my own life and enjoy using common themes, thereby making my work accessible to all. The everyday routine and activities we all undertake, are there to be celebrated.