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General Exhibition

Here at the Flat Cat Gallery we have an ongoing general exhibition. This is a selection of our regular artists and new artists that is always changing. Work includes oils, watercolours, mixed media, ceramics, wood, metalwork and more.

Julie Morris

Kairen Bergius

Sandra Dickie

Glynnis Carter

Linda Foster

Alan Richmond

David Hay

Innes Maran

Holly Mitchell

Andrew Major

Jan Ferguson

Aileen Grant

Carole Thirlaway

Lucy Johnstone

Louise Brydon

Janet McCrorie

Claire Blyth

Charlotte Thompson

Nick Potter

Fiona Carvell

Julie Morris

Duncan Wardlow

Tom Cooper

Jill Stewart

Amanda Phillips

Coral Blamire

Sarah Ross-Thompson

Mary Goulden

Catherine Rayner

Emine Thompson

Kate Henderson

Moy Mackay

Siobhan O'Hehir

Anne James

Connie Martin

Caroline Mordue

Amaya Dubreuil

Lesley Mclaren